Membership and Fees

Winter Membership Has Reached Capacity for the 2020 - 2021 Season

At The Supreme Court Tennis Club, we offer three varieties of adult and junior memberships, a year round membership, an summer membership and a winter membership. For detailed dates and prices please see the chart below.

Our courts are open from 7:00am - 11:00pm all week long, with the exception of some holiday's... You know... 'cause we like to party!'

We are only accepting 300 adult members as we are strong believers in trying to keep the court ratios in-line with best practices for the enjoyment of our members, unlike some other tennis clubs!

Membership allows you to book courts online a week in advance. There are court fees in the winter season but there are no court fees during the summer season.


Membership also gives you the ability to register for programs, lessons, ladders, tryout for one of our club teams and other "wicked fun" offerings. Please note, additional fees may apply.

For now, there are no court booking limits. Book early and book often, play as much as you like. We like tennis and so should you!

Note: Court booking limits may change in the future...

Year Round Membership

Oct 1, 2020- Sept 30, 2021

(12 months)


Rates do not include tax 

Sold Out!

Winter Membership

Oct 1, 2020 -Apr 30, 2021

(7 months)


Rates do not include tax

Please note, there is a $50.00 initiation fee for New Adult Winter Members

Sold Out!

Membership Prices

Please note, the prices below include the OTA Club Member Fee of $10 per adult membership and $3 per junior membership. These fees go directly to the Ontario Tennis Association to help fund our provincial governing body.

Summer Membership


July 31st 2020 - Sept 30, 2020


Rate does include tax

Year Round Adult Membership:

$398.00 Adults 18+ years old​

$60 savings on 12 month membership!

Year Round Junior Membership:

$191.00 Juniors 4 - 17 years old​

$10 saving on 12 month membership!

Winter Adult Membership:

$319.00 Adults 18+ years old​

Winter Junior Membership:

$142.00 Juniors 4 - 17 years old​

Summer Adult Membership:

$93.00 Adults 18+ years old​

Originally $139.00

Summer Junior Membership:

$49.60 Juniors 4 - 17 years old​

Member's Court Fees

Please Note: Court fees do not include tax, must be booked and paid for prior to playing

Winter Court Fees


Non Prime: $12.00 per court, per hour

7:00am - 3:00pm

Prime: $18.00 per court, per hour

4:00pm - 10:00pm

Summer Booking Restrictions

Due to Pandemic

- No summer court fees
- Hour long and two hour long bookings
- No spectators
- No guests allowed, no non-member bookings (a requirement for us to re open) 
- Junior Programs would resume, similar to how they ran in the winter (ratio restrictions)
- We are unable to provide balls, food or water to the membership (other than lessons) (bring your own)
- The club's "Ball Machine" will not be able to be booked

Member's Guest Fees

Please Note: Guest fees do not include tax and must be booked into the system and paid for prior to playing

Winter Guest Fees

$7.50 per player

A member is permitted 7 guests per winter season

Summer Guest Fees

Guest's and Non Member Bookings are currently suspended due to the pandemic.

What Membership Get's You

"The bare-bones, true tennis player package"

You get:

  • Access to book courts up to 7 days in advance

  • Access to register for programs

  • Access to register for lessons

  • Access to take part in leagues (pending tryout results), ladders, house league’s and socials 

  • Access to free underground parking

  • Access to world class and highly certified coaching

  • Access to washrooms (Note: these are not change rooms)

  • Ability to bring a guest (Note: guests can attend a maximum of 7 times over the winter season & 5 times in the summer)

Although we lease the tennis club space from Goodlife Fitness, The Supreme Court's membership has no affiliation with Goodlife Fitness or vice versa. You do not need to be a member of Goodlife to be a member with us!

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