Finding Us


"Some of the world's greatest innovations started in a garage"

The Supreme Court Tennis Club is located at 2235 Sheppard Avenue East, inside the Atria Complex. Conveniently located at the top of the Don Valley Parkway.

Find us on Google Maps by searching: "The Supreme Court Tennis Club"
Located just a 5 minute bus ride from Don Mills Station (85 Sheppard East Bus) and just a 20 minute bus ride North of Victoria Park Station (24 Victoria Park North Bus).

The building is easy to find, the parking and tennis entrance are not! Think of us as buried treasure!

Below are two videos and some photos to help you find us more easily! When you have found us once,  you're golden! 

This is the entrance to the courts!

Located on the first parking level (P1), in the centre of the most eastern wall.

If you see this yellow line, follow it! It will lead you directly to the courts. Think of it as your mountain Sherpa, without the risk of avalanche...

While inside the first parking level, you will notice helpful signs like these ones along the way.

Below are videos of how to find us when entering the Atria building and how to find us when entering through the parking garage.

Entering through the Atria building.

Entering through the parking garage.

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