TSC Winter Club Championships

Calling all competitive tennis players! This is your chance to show off what you are made of and claim the inaugural TSC Winter Club Championships!

The sign up for all categories is now open! Please see below for a list of our Club Championship events running from April 2nd - April 29th.


TSC Singles Championship (4.5+) Open to all sexes

TSC Men's "B" Singles (4,0-)

TSC Women's Singles Championship (4.5+) 

TSC Women's "B" Singles (4,0-)

TSC Doubles Championship (4.5+) Open to all sexes

TSC Men's "B" Doubles (4,0-)

TSC Women's Doubles Championship (4.5+)

TSC Women's "B" Doubles (4.0-)

The match schedule will be dependent on the size of the draw in each category. All match times of each event are scheduled between the players who draw each other or advance in the tournament to play each other, outside of the semi finals and finals of each event which are set by the club.

All the tournament draws will be posted online on April, 2nd, 2018.

NOTE: Players can enter one singles and one doubles event. 


All first round matches must be completed between April 2nd and April 7th

All second round matches must be completed between April 8th and 14th

All third round matches must be completed between April 15th and 21st

The Semi Finals for each event will take place on Saturday April 28th between 9:00am and 6:00pm

The Finals for each event will take place on Sunday April 29th between 9:00am and 6:00pm

NOTE: The Semi Finals and Finals match times will be set by the club and will not be subject to change. Essentially, you must be able to play on the semi final and final times set by the club. Keep those days open! 

The above schedule, outside of the semi final and final dates are subject to change based on the draw size of each event.

All matches should take place during prime times (evenings or weekends) unless a non-prime time is agreed to by both parties involved in a match. 

If a player or both players in a round are unable to complete a match due to their own scheduling challenges, one or both players might be defaulted from the tournament at the discretion of the staff. 


It is recommended the parties book two hours of court time in order to complete the entirety of the match. If a match is completed within an hour long booking, a court credit can be provided for the unused hour. As an example, player 1 books the first hour, player 2 books the second hour. The semi finals and finals court times will be reserved by the club.


All matches will be played and scored in a best two out of three sets match, with a super tiebreaker to ten points used as or, in the event of a third set. 


The entry deadline for these events is on April 5th at 1:00pm. To register for one or many of the events, please email Alastair at tennis@thesupremecourt.ca. Please provide your full name and clear instructions on which event or events you are registering for. 


Please email Alastair at tennis@thesupremecourt.ca if you have questions!

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