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Our Vision

"Our vision is to provide world class, affordable tennis and content to exceed every player’s need. We will reshape the culture and perception of tennis in Toronto by creating an unrivaled, fun, professional atmosphere. We are a beach volley vibe in a tennis setting. We are a music playing, fun loving, entertaining environment that offers programming, pricing and content for real tennis players. At The Supreme Court, we don't just do tennis, we do "Everything Tennis!"

History of The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court was established in 2014 although our roots in the GTA tennis community date much earlier...


We began running the player development programs for Davisville Tennis Club in 2010 before incorporating as The Supreme Court. In that time, we helped established Davisville Tennis Club as one of the premiere seasonal clubs in the country, winning awards from The Ontario Tennis Association along the way.


On January 16th, 2016, we recorded our first tennis specific podcast and six months later, we were the most viewed tennis podcast on YouTube. In 2017 we transitioned into video podcasts to enhance our viewers experience. In that time The TSC Podcast has interviewed tennis legends like James Blake, Jim Courier, Ray Thompson and John Mcenroe.


In the Fall of 2016, The Supreme Court leased a four court, indoor facility from Goodlife Sports Clubs of Canada. As a result, The Supreme Court Tennis Club was born. Our first of hopefully many year-round facilities in the country.

In the Spring of 2017, TSC began to manage and run all of the player development programs for the historic Lawrence Park Tennis Club; a three-clay court club that dates back over one hundred years. In our three year involvement at Lawrence Park we helped grow the clubs adult lesson registrations by 90% while reshaping the junior program through systematic programs to build the offering by 25%.


Fast forward to 2019 and The Supreme Court is named as the new commissioners of the historic Toronto Men's Tennis League, a league dating back to the year 1947.

Amidst the increasing demand for year round programming at our indoor location, The Supreme Court stepped away from its involvement in the world of Community Tennis Club's in 2019, having stepped away from Davisville Tennis Club in 2017 and from Lawrence Park Tennis Club in the Fall of 2019.

As we move into the Fall of 2019 we aim to enhance The Supreme Court brand by streamlining our involvement in multiple organisations, maintain our involvement with the Toronto Men's Tennis League and narrow our focus on The Supreme Court Tennis Club to give our members and guests the best tennis entertainment our services can provide! 

"Our long-term goal is to have several year-round facilities in the country and help shape Canada as a tennis leader around the world!"

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